Saturday, January 28, 2012 | By: Nathan

SNOW WHITE'S POISON BITE –Version A- with lines by me and Digital Paints by the very talented and super cool David Delanty, AKA "Vest" on DeviantART

I just absolutely love how it turned out. Vest did an outstanding job on this one to really bring her to life. (Her lips, eyelids, and the apple turned out Crazy-Cool!) :iconxd--plz:

We did up 2 different version of her corset; one with the red transparent fabric, and one without(Version B). Really like that he was able to incorporate a fabric design/pattern for the corset. It gives it just little something extra.
(Aaaaaaand the fact that her boobs are ridiculously big and shiny doesn't hurt either.):iconimthinkingplz:

I hope you all enjoy this :eyepopping: and probably not safe for work version of Snow White as well.:w00t:


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