Tuesday, May 8, 2012 | By: Nathan

The Darwin Faeries_COV 001 PENCILS


A prelim of a print I'm doing from Tangled, one of my favorite Disney movies. I'll be putting up the pencil/ink version tomorrow, but thought I'd share this one first. Still finishing out "Monsters Maidens & Mayhem", but needed a break stylistically and thought it was a fun choice/change of pace. Enjoy!
Thursday, February 2, 2012 | By: Nathan

TINK STUCK IN THE KEYHOLE Digitally Painted -with lines by me and absolutely AMAZING Digital Paints by the unbelievably talented and all around super cool guy Andrew Hibner, AKA "Achibner" on DeviantART link

Yeeeeeah okay, she didn't look anything like this in the Disney version, ( I mean if she had...WOW!:jawdrop:). But still, I think it turned out funny/entertaining none the less, and really that's the whole point of comics.
This digitally painted one of Tink, has quickly become one of my favorite pieces ever. I mean the skin, her eyes, the hair, wings, and mouth, all just came out perfect and so full of life. It's always fun to try blending different styles/artists and get back such amazing results.

Can't give enough praise to Andrew and his unbelievable painting skills as well as his willingness to try something soo darn toony-looking. (Not to mention being such a pleasure to work with.:highfive:) If you get a chance make sure to stop by his DA gallery. It's filled with tons of beautiful work. link

I hope you all enjoy this fun:eyepopping: and most likely not safe for work version of Tinkerbell as much as I do.:w00t:

Saturday, January 28, 2012 | By: Nathan

GINGER SNAPS pencil cover and sneak peek

I liked this quirky movie a lot when I saw it a several months back. I thought it would be kind of fun to do a comic book style recreation of its DVD cover, but with some additions to the background. Hope you guys enjoy this one as well as a sneak peek at the colored version.:w00t:

MONSTERS MAIDENS & MAYHEM Cover Digitally Painted – with lines by me and Digital Paints by the Amazing Hector Sevilla Lujan, AKA elsevilla on DeviantART.

Wanted to show a more detailed shot of some of the great details/extras Hector added to her hair, face, and dress. Taken from the digitally painted version of the cover for my MONSTERS MAIDENS & MAYHEM sketchbook. :woohoo:

SNOW WHITE'S POISON BITE –Version A- with lines by me and Digital Paints by the very talented and super cool David Delanty, AKA "Vest" on DeviantART

I just absolutely love how it turned out. Vest did an outstanding job on this one to really bring her to life. (Her lips, eyelids, and the apple turned out Crazy-Cool!) :iconxd--plz:

We did up 2 different version of her corset; one with the red transparent fabric, and one without(Version B). Really like that he was able to incorporate a fabric design/pattern for the corset. It gives it just little something extra.
(Aaaaaaand the fact that her boobs are ridiculously big and shiny doesn't hurt either.):iconimthinkingplz:

I hope you all enjoy this :eyepopping: and probably not safe for work version of Snow White as well.:w00t:
Just a sneak peek of the digitally painted version of TINK STUCK IN THE KEYHOLE. I'll be putting the full version up soon. Enjoy.